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Our History Promoting Aviation Safety

Safety Standdown started in Wichita, Kansas USA in 1996 with eight individuals as an aviation safety training event for a Bombardier Learjet Flight Demonstration Team. The objective was to improve aviation safety standards and sustain positive changes within. Safety Standdown was opened to other corporate pilots and flight crew in 1999.

What is Safety Standdown?

Safety Standdown promotes knowledge-based pilot safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation safety and professionalism.

Safety Standdown Programs consist of seminars, the Leading Edge aviation safety training program, internal ambassador program, Safety award, online resources, and other aviation safety programs that provide tools to fight human error in aviation through individual actions and personal accountability.

The aviation safety program is free of charge and the information is catered towards all pilots, crewmembers, maintenance technicians and managers no matter what aircraft they operate.

Mission & Objective

Inform, Inspire, Educate, Motivate

The mission of Safety Standdown is to inform and inspire aviation professionals to commit to lifelong learning to achieve higher standards of safety and professionalism.

This mission is supported by fostering a worldwide community of aviation professionals who strive to set the bar higher than the minimal regulations and to instill a culture of proactive accountability within their companies and communities. To do this, the Bombardier Safety Standdown Program strives to create an atmosphere for a free exchange of ideas and information. The knowledge, experiences, and best practices presented and discussed will provide others with the encouragement and tools to improve their professionalism and performance, while motivating them to share what they have learned with others.

Safety Standdown provides global operators with resources to make personal changes for safer aviation. Knowledge sources are available through website, seminars, Leading Edge programs and a community of subject matter experts. Our long-term goal is to foster a world-wide community of Aviation Professionals who strive to set the bar higher than minimal regulations and instill a culture of proactive accountability within their companies and communities.

Framing Principles

Worldwide Community

So far Safety Standdown has shared its aviation safety training in the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The international aspect is essential in building a world-wide community of operators who strive to build aviation safety through human factors improvements. You can now connect with us on social media, such as our LinkedIn group, Safety Standdown Worldwide. You may also ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @SafetyStanddown using hashtag #SSDWW.

Subject Matter Experts

The cutting edge innovative aviation safety ideas provided by Safety Standdown come directly from the aviation safety subject matter experts themselves. Quite often the Safety Standdown audience will be the first to know the latest aviation safety research discoveries by our presenters.

Learn > Apply > Share

The long-term goal of Safety Standdown is to empower and inspire a community of aviation professionals  to continuously seek knowledge, integrate new information in everyday practice, and share new findings with others in the industry.

Bombardier Safety Standdown Award

Launched in 2012, this award recognizes an individual who integrates Safety Standdown principles in daily aviation safety decisions and takes personal responsibility in learning, applying, and sharing knowledge above and beyond minimum aviation safety regulations.  The winner receives a traveling and personal award. Go to our Safety Award page for more details.

Purely A Learning Environment

Safety Standdown is a non-marketing program, there is nothing to sell and nothing to buy.

Human Factors Safety Topics

Safety Standdown addresses the hottest safety issues within the industry. Majority of our topics are in line with NTSB’s “Most Wanted” list: