Safety Award

Bombardier Announces the Recipient of the 2016 Safety Standdown Award

Bombardier is pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Safety Standdown is Robert L. Sumwalt, III, a board member of the National Transportation Safety Board who has demonstrated his dedication to aviation safety throughout his career.  The award was presented at the 20th annual Bombardier Safety Standdown USA, held from September 27 to 29, 2016 in Wichita KS.

The award is given annually to an aviation professional who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to improving aviation safety through the application of the Safety Standdown principle: LEARN – APPLY – SHARE.  By learning new skills and applying them, they demonstrate their dedication to personal improvement. By sharing their knowledge, they become distinguished role models.

Nominations for 2017 are now closed

The nominee or nominator must have attended at least one Safety Standdown seminar.

The Safety Standdown Advisory Council will select a winner according to the following criteria:

Nominee should be an aviation professional who:

  1. Has gone above and beyond the minimum job expectations.
  2. Lives by the framing principles of Safety Standdown.
  3. Has demonstrated an exceptional dedication, commitment, and contribution to aviation safety through their actions and behavior.

Demonstrates the following traits:

* Professionalism     * Dedication     * Commitment     * Courage    * Passion     * Leadership

Consistently takes the following actions:

A note about the award’s name:

The award was originally named in honor of Captain Gene Cernan, NASA ret. The fourth award bearing his name was presented at the 2015 Safety Standdown seminar. Captain Cernan felt the Safety Standdown program and award were now well enough recognized within the industry that they no longer required the gravitas tied to his name and achievements. It has therefore been renamed the Bombardier Safety Standdown Award.