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Eugene Cernan Safety Award


Congratulations to Ed Coleman of BP Aviation, the winner of the 2014 Eugene Cernan Safety Award.  Ed has been awarded the prestigious traveling award to display in his flight department for one year, as well as an individual award to keep along with the coveted Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”; the one and only watch worn on the moon by Captain Eugene Cernan.


Do you know someone who goes the extra mile; following all safety practices, calls out unsafe behavior, and inspires to do the best possible job? Professionalism is a contagious habit and it’s time to recognize those who set higher standards for others to follow. Please take time to review the standards for the award, so you may be able to nominate someone next year. The nomination process is convenient though our online form, and the Safety Standdown team is happy to answer nomination questions. Please be sure to include real-life examples to strengthen your nomination.

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Award Recipient: This award is for a living individual who champions the principles of Safety Standdown, demonstrates their dedication and commitment to the promotion of aviation safety, inspires and motivates others through their personal actions and behavior, and possesses the traits that have contributed to the successful career of Captain Gene Cernan as a Naval Aviator, NASA Astronaut and ambassador of the Safety Standdown Program. The Safety Standdown Advisory Council will select a winner according to the criteria listed below. The winner will be announced at the 2013 Safety Standdown USA in October. Requirements: EITHER THE NOMINEE OR THE NOMINATOR MUST HAVE ATTENDED ANY SAFETY STANDDOWN SEMINAR IN THE PAST 16 YEARS TO BE ELIGIBLE. Criteria: Nominee should be an aviation professional who: 1. Has gone above and beyond the minimal job expectations. 2. Lives by the framing principles of Safety Standdown. 3. Has demonstrated an exceptional dedication, commitment, and contribution to aviation safety through their actions and behavior. 4. Possesses the following personal traits.  Traits: * Professionalism     * Dedication     * Commitment     * Courage    * Passion     * Leadership Actions:

Please give some examples of how the nominee meets these criteria and has made a significant contribution to aviation safety. Safety Standdown Framing Principles Human Factors are responsible for 80% of aviation error. The risk can be eliminated by continuous knowledge-based training tailored to the individual and organization needs. Strong Ethics are foundations for judgment in a demanding environment. True Professionals will have the discipline to seek the highest standard above and beyond what the regulations require. Automation technology relies on proficient operation. Must eliminate the gap of inefficient procedures and systems between technology and humans who operate it. Safety Culture starts at individual empowered accountability. Submission of Nomination: You may submit your nomination here or by email at We will confirm the receipt of your application within 48 hours.