United States 2011

Wichita Hyatt Regency Hotel
Wichita, Kansas

Thursday, October 27, 2011

8:00 - 12:00 Flight Safety Lessons from the U.S. Air Force - Presented by Antonio Cortés, HQ U.S. Air Force Safety Center

 Presented By  Antonio Cortés, Ph.D.

Despite operating highly sophisticated equipment in complex combat operations around the world, the U.S. Air Force has posted historically low accident rates in recent years. The workshop will provide participants with an insider’s view of Air Force flight safety initiatives for managing hazards. Since many of the hazards faced by the Air Force also present challenges to civilian pilots, workshop participants will explore how to apply Air Force safety programs in their flight department. The workshop will cover Air Force safety philosophies, time-proven hazard identification and mitigation measures, and proactive safety programs that the Air Force has put in place over the past decade. Specific topics will include the use of flight data and voluntary reporting programs to identify and measure hazards, safety culture assessments, risk management processes, and related human factors.