EBACE Safety Workshop 2013

May 20, 2013
Geneva International Airport
Geneva, Switzerland

The EBACE Safety Workshop, developed primarily for professionals in the business aviation community in Europe, is an effort to provide critical information and training that is directly related to human performance. Eight out of ten accidents are caused by human failure, not equipment failure.

Workshop Sessions will be presented by subject matter experts and will provide insight, knowledge, critical information and training directly related to human performance.
The EBACE Safety Workshop is neither aircraft nor manufacturer specific, and will include information that is applicable to any aircraft flown. The Safety Workshop will challenge you to change the way you think about safety.


EBACE is a closed event for members of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Non-Member Registration includes a three-month membership to both EBAA and NBAA.

To register online, please visit the EBACE website here.

Bombardier Safety Standdown is a proud advocate of this annual event.

Monday, May 20, 2013

9:00 - 9:30

Welcome, Introductions & Business Aviation Safety Overview

Douglas Carr (NBAA), Kurt Edwards (IBAC), Brian Humphries (EBAA), Joji Waites
(UKCAA) – (tbc)

9:30 - 10:30

Professionalism in the Cockpit

Presented by Yann LeMasson (Bombardier)

10:45 - 11:30

Flight Data Monitoring for Small Operators – A Key Safety Enhancement Tool?

Kevin Martin (Aerobytes), Stan Medved (Shell Aircraft Int.) and Joji Waites (UKCAA) –

11:30 - 12:30

Business Aviation Dimensions in Europe and a National ATC Perspective on Business Aviation Standards

Karen Bolton (NATS) and Elsa Fréville (EUROCONTROL)

13:30 - 14:15

Fatigue Management for Safe Operations

Kathryn Jones (EASA) and Leigh White (Alertness Solutions)

14:15 - 15:15

Runway Safety: The Record and Way Ahead

Tzvetomir Blajev (EUROCONTROL) – (tbc) and Kurt Edwards (IBAC)

15:30 - 16:15

The Vital Role of Tire Maintenance in Business Aviation

Bruce Jones (Michelin Aircraft Tires)

What factors most affect the landing distance required and how to avoid nasty surprises?

Franco Pietracupa (Bombardier)

16:15 - 17:00

Aircraft Performance Planning – Are You Ready for an Engine Failure?

Bob Blouin (Beechcraft Corp.)

17:00 - 17:00

Open Forum & Adjournment

Douglas Carr (NBAA) and Brian Humphries (EBAA)

17:00 - 18:00

Closing Cocktail Reception & EBAA Safety Awards