Past Seminars

"Safety Standdown has been where I go to recharge my safety batteries. I always leave feeling refreshed and eager to communicate and implement the things I have learned from aviation's best and brightest."

Nicholas A. Pagerly

Quest Diagnostics

We conceived Safety Standdown in 1996 as a safety-training event for the Bombardier Learjet flight demonstration team, but it quickly gained a reputation for excellence beyond Bombardier’s customer base.

In 2000, growing interest prompted us to open the seminar to all pilots and aviation professionals, whether corporate, commercial or military.

Today, Safety Standdown is firmly established as an aviation industry pillar, with a seminar every autumn in Wichita, Kansas, drawing more than 450 attendees.

In addition, a European seminar in Geneva, Switzerland, began in 2007. Bombardier organized the first Latin America edition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2010, and added an Asia edition in 2011 in Shanghai China. In 2013, we conducted a special internal Standdown in Montreal, for leaders in Bombardier, in order to share the message of aviation safety to all.

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Past Seminars

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Latin America 2014
Montreal 2013
United States 2013
Latin America 2013
Asia 2013 | 中文版本
Asia 2013
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