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From the line, for the line

01.25.2016 | Post by Tony Kern, Safety Reporting

On Aug. 5, 2008, an overloaded Carson Helicopters S-61N crashed after takeoff from Helispot 44 on the Iron Complex Fire in northern California. Nine people were killed in what came to be known as the “Iron 44” incident, making it … (more…)

Brought to You by the Letter “C”

01.11.2016 | Post by Tony Kern

While watching an old re-run of the Emmy-winning children’s TV program, Sesame Street, with my grandchildren, I was taken by the introduction where the host of the show told the audience that this episode was “brought to you by the letter … (more…)

Did I Miss Something?

07.27.2015 | Distractions, Post by Andy Nureddin

This is a question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. Distractions are everywhere and pop up any time. Distractions are different for each of us – some we control, most we do not. The same distraction … (more…)

Criminalization in Aviation

03.30.2015 | Aviation and Law, Post by Kent S. Jackson

If a Distraction Doesn’t Kill You, It Could Put You in Jail When a truck driver is distracted and causes an accident, U.S. courts have never hesitated to throw the driver in jail.  And there are certainly countries where the … (more…)

The Passing of a Giant

03.06.2015 | Post by Tony Kern

This last week marked the passing of one of aviation’s greatest minds, Dr. Jerry Berlin. To me Jerry was both a friend and a mentor, and we shared the stage on many occasions around the world. He would always take … (more…)

Five Things I Told My Son

02.06.2015 | Post by Tony Kern, Professionalism

My son, Trent, recently graduated from U.S. Air Force pilot training and is set to begin his aviation career flying Boeing C-17 Globemasters around the world. As I pondered the milestone, I asked myself what words of wisdom I might … (more…)

Maintaining a Sterile Cockpit: An Essential Attention Control Technique

08.27.2014 | Distractions, Post by Robert L. Sumwalt III

I had been a member of the NTSB for only seven days when the call came during the pre-dawn hours on that Sunday morning: a regional jet had crashed at Lexington, KY and there were massive fatalities. With that, I … (more…)

Aircraft Performance

08.05.2014 | Post by Dan Boedigheimer

Declared Runway Distances You have a scheduled flight from Waterbury-Oxford, CT (KOXC) to Palm Beach, FL (KPBI) with 4 passengers. It is warm day with a low stratus cloud layer producing rain at the airport. Based on the flight plan … (more…)

Why Recovery Training is Essential

07.17.2014 | Loss of Control, Post by BJ Ransbury & Randall Brooks

Why Recovery Training is Essential to Reducing Loss of Control In-Flight   There is a growing awareness in the aviation industry that the threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) must be addressed. Across all sectors of flying – personal, … (more…)

Modern Monitoring

06.20.2014 | Automation, Post by Chris Lutat

If we were forced to choose only one of the Nine Principles outlined in our book, Automation Airmanship, whose mastery would lead to the greatest leap in individual and team performance in aviation (or any other high-risk/high-reliability endeavor), we would … (more…)

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