Knowledge Ace Challenges

Ace Challenge

Are You a Knowledge Ace?

We want to test your knowledge of Safety Standdown principles, by putting you back in the classroom and seeing your retention rates of valuable concepts shared with you at any particular Standdown. Questions will come in various ways, through social media, for example, and you can find the questions – and answers – here. Take the Knowledge Ace Challenges by trying to answer our quiz questions and see what you know!

Questions and Answers

Q. What are the 6 pillars of Knowledge in Dr. Tony Kern’s ‘Airmanship Model’?

A. “…everyone is on the right track. There are actually several versions of “airmanship model” out there. Much like the Safety Standdown itself, the model has evolved over the past 20 years since the original research was done. The initial model had five pillars: self, team, aircraft, environment, and risk. A few years later, I added the sixth pillar of “mission” to address the tactical and vocational elements missing from the original model. There are also “maintenance” and “management” versions of the model out there that replace “aircraft” with “tools” or “equipment,” and one that replaces “team” with “human capital.” Knowledge is never stagnant, and I am still looking for insights and missing pieces of the puzzle!” ~ Tony Kern (from LinkedIn Group, ‘Safety Standdown Worldwide’ )

Q. Which Expert is known for Fatigue and serves on the NTSB?

A.  “Dr. Mark Rosekind. Awesome speaker!” answered correctly by David Foltz on Facebook.

Q.  According to Dr. James Smith, what 5 organ systems are affected by cardiovascular disease?

A.  Brain, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, and blood pressure.

Q. What are the 3 factors that affect healthy sleep according to scientists at Alertness Solutions?

A. Age, Alcohol, and Sleeping Disorders. Learn more by attending a Safety Standdown, or viewing Dr. Mark Rosekind in action, or visiting Alertness Solutions here!

Q. FAA’s Al Gorthy presented ‘Runway Safety’ at SSD USA 2012. Which airport had the most incursions?

A. (ORD) Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport experienced the highest number of runway incursions in 2012 (25).