Leading Edge Testimonials


“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased we are with the training we received at APS. The entire program was one of the most professional I have seen. I completed the online course before I went to Mesa. When I got to APS I was very impressed the facility, the airplanes and the instructors. All of the material was presented in a very informative way. The instructors were VERY knowledgeable about all of the material. They were also very proficient in the Extra 300s. But I think what impressed me the most was the professional attitude of all of the people working there. The instructors were very aware of how you were feeling. If you started getting queasy, they would back things down a little bit. There was never a case where they were trying to show you how much that they knew. They went out of their way to make you comfortable. I have done a lot of aerobatics over the years, but out of five of us in the class from three different companies, I was the only one that had done much in the way of aerobatics. At the end of the week everyone was fired up about the training.

I think what Bombardier is doing with the Leading Edge program is going to have a very positive influence on improving aviation safety. CommScope is going to start going to APS every other year as part of our training program. I do think that it is significant that Bombardier (Learjet) continues to be a leader in our industry, not only in building airplanes but trying to improve aviation safety. Between the Safety Standdown and programs like Leading Edge, you are definitely setting the bar very high. Thank you for all you are doing.”

Jeffrey Wofford
Chief Pilot & Director of Aviation
Hickory, NC 28601 USA

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