Leading Edge


The Leading Edge program, an initiative of Bombardier’s renowned Safety Standdown program, offers Bombardier customers a comprehensive safety training toolkit, based on the aviation safety principles offered year round at Safety Standdowns across the globe. This program is exclusive to Bombardier operators.

Leading Edge consists of a Safety Management, Human Factors and Error Control program, a Fatigue Risk Management system, and Upset Recovery Training for instruction in unusual attitudes and error control in flight.

This program provides operators with tools necessary to meet many federal and international aviation safety requirements, and is the only program of its kind offered to aerospace customers. Leading Edge is ‘Standdown Delivered’ to the customer. Partners in the program include:

Convergent Performance, LLC, founded by Dr. Tony Kern, human factors expert and Safety Standdown presenter. This component offers valuable resources including pilot and maintenance reliability certification, which meet many governmental and organization requirements, as well as online safety lessons, and a complete SMS Toolkit which assists Bombardier operators with their existing Safety Management System. More information available here.

Alertness Solutions offers a cutting edge, aviation-specific online fatigue management education program called Z-Coach Aviation.  A scientific approach to fatigue, providing scientific findings on sleep, performance and optimization of duty and rest scheduling, Z-Coach Aviation provides training modules such as Risks/Costs, Fundamentals of Sleep, Fatigue Mitigation, Countermeasures, Assessments and Simulations, to assist you with compliance in regulations on fatigue. More information available here.

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) completes the program by offering Bombardier operators upset recovery training for 2 pilots. APS features comprehensive Loss of Control in Flight solutions via on-aircraft, computer-based, and advanced full-flight simulator. Course includes 3 days of ground school, combined with 4 flights in an Extra 300, topped off with a CRJ Simulation to review retained training concepts. Sim Only and European options are available. Locations in Arizona, Texas and Europe – The Netherlands. More information available here.


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