The Leading Edge Team

Your Leading Edge training representative is your primary point of contact for all matters relating to the implementation of your new training program. Together with your Bombardier Leading Edge team, your representative is available to assist you with building your training plan and creating a successful safety operation.

You can be confident that your team consists of proven subject matter experts and professionals which provide your training program with the best solutions and support, regardless of what you operate, or the level of training you need.

Delivering the unique and unprecedented Safety Standdown experience to your team can truly give you the Leading Edge in becoming the best of the best.



Bombardier Leading Edge Program
Safety Standdown Programs
Wichita, Kansas USA |Phone: 316.946.2511


“The ever-changing pace and complexity of today’s missions require your operation to be top notch. Our team of proven professionals accepts the challenge of moving you to the “Next Level” of human performance and excellence.”