Eugene Cernan Safety Award Nomination

Safety Award

Eugene Cernan Safety Award Nomination Form

Please support your nomination by sharing an example of how the nominee demonstrated courage, dedication, or professionalism to eliminate human error.

Examples of your support:
- Share a time when the nominee stayed professional in a challenging situation.
- How the nominee inspired you to be a safer aviator.
- How nominee commitment to safety saved lives or prevented an accident.

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Eugene Cernan Safety Award Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order to submit your nomination for this award. You must support your answers with specific examples of how this nominee has displayed required characteristics in the provided field. Incomplete entries will be rejected.

My nominee for the Eugene Cernan Safety Award:

 Has gone above and beyond the minimal job expectations.
 Lives by the framing principles of Safety Standdown.
 Has demonstrated an exceptional dedication, commitment, and contribution to aviation safety through their actions and behavior.

Possesses the following personal traits:


Actively displays the following behaviors:

 Makes a difference
 Encourages others through their personal example
 Sets the highest standards
 Makes a conscious decision to do the right thing
 Believes that good is never good enough
 Mentors others in their pursuit of excellence and professionalism in aviation

Adheres to the Safety Standdown Framing Principles (HEPAC):

 Human Factors are responsible for 80% of aviation error. The risk can be eliminated by continuous knowledge-based training tailored to the individual and organization needs.

 Strong Ethics are foundations for judgment in a demanding environment.

 True Professionals will have the discipline to seek the highest standard above and beyond what the regulations require.

 Automation technology relies on proficient operation. Must eliminate the gap of inefficient procedures and systems between technology and humans who operate it.

 Safety Culture starts at individual empowered accountability.

Summary of Eligibility

Please provide specific examples of any combination of the above safety traits, and why this nominee should win the award.

Please upload any relevant documents, awards, photos or files to support your nomination.

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