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Professional experience makes us wiser through every challenge we overcome.  Take these experiences one step further and share them with your peers, who are likely to face similar issues.

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A Change of Perspective


Safety Standdown has changed my perspective. I am not a pilot, but I have been involved with Safety Standdown since 2002.  Over this time, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to the information that Dr. Jerome Berlin presents … (more…)

Share and Share alike

Share and Share Alike


We are always looking for ways to help others see the value of sharing Safety Standdown with the world. An interview, a story or even a comment serves to build sentiment and support our efforts in bringing a Safety Standdown … (more…)




I recently had the pleasure of attending my 6th Standdown. I want to thank you all for your personal commitment to aviation safety. I also wish to commend Bombardier for their willingness to “put their money where their mouth is” … (more…)

Rick Rowe

Help Wanted: Perfection Required.


The Bombardier Safety Standdown USA 2012 is just days away! The 16th annual Safety Standdown is shaping up to be another banner year in the effort to reduce accidents due to human error. The message from Safety Standdown is; it … (more…)

12 LA Kern

Safety Standdown Brasil


It were an incredible opportunity to learn and recall, what really care [matters] in aviation’s world: Safety and Professionalism. Likely, everybody made the same of me [felt the same way] and reconsidered their acts, trying to be best everyday and … (more…)


To be the best pilot


This event changed my view of my carrier of a pilot and a aircraft technician. Listening that Capt. Eugene Cernan, Paul Ransbury, Glenn Harmon,  Dr. Tony Kern, Capt. Rick Rowe and Dan Boedigheimer I realized that how a pilot I … (more…)

Bowen Family

Not the “Typical” Standdown Attendee


I had the opportunity to attend my first Safety Standdown last October. I’ve heard about the advanced safety training seminar for years from my Greteman Group colleagues and our Bombardier contacts, but to fully understand its value, I had to … (more…)

Flight Plan

You Don’t Get To Pick The Flight


I am routinely reminded of what Member Sumwalt said: “You don’t get to pick the flight that your career will be judged.” I find this true not only in aviation but in everyday life. I don’t get to pick the day … (more…)


Safety Standdown in Everyday Life


     I have had the privilege of working and participating in two Safety Standdowns in 2011. As a pilot I have always been aware of the importance of safety in flying. Even with twelve years experience as a professional pilot … (more…)


Standdown Leads to a Shift in Flight Department Culture


After attending the 2004 Safety Standdown, I ended up with a paradigm shift in my view of how I needed to manage the flight department. While on the airline flight home, I reviewed my notes and came up with a … (more…)